Kim K.


Providence Health Care

Tony Nguyen

Business Analyst @ Blast Radius

“I can't recommend Angela and the team at Recruiting Social enough in terms of their ability to build a great client relationship in a short time, promoting me as a strong candidate, and finding an awesome role.”

Olga S.

Pricing Coordinator @ Gescan

Recruiting Social had a job with a client that was a great match for me. I am challenged in my new role and learning a lot. Thank you for helping me find this role!

Karen Hobkirk

Assembler @ Avigilon

What a pleasant interview experience! This is my first role in manufacturing and I am happy at how smooth the process was from telephone interview to offer stage. Thank you!

Chris Funk

Callibration / Final Testing @ Avigilon

Karla Hoffmann

Inside Sales Rep @ ZAG Group

Howard Zhang

.NET Software Engineer @ Mywurld

Sulafa Hakami

Senior Sales Associate @ Turnabout

“My experience with Recruiting Social was incredibly positive. Angela was very helpful and made me feel comfortable throughout my job searching process. She gave great feedback and made sure that the job was a good fit for me.”

​Frank Reashore​​

.NET Software Engineer @ Mywurld

Joyce Wong

Pricing Coordinator @ Gescan

Mariana Vega

Senior Sales Associate @ Turnabout

“If it weren't for Angela at Recruiting Social, I would have never knows about this job opportunity. I truly thank you Angela for all your time, consideration and work!”

Kira S.

Assistant to the COO @ DIFC

Kelly Stuart

Logistics Coordinator @ Avigilon

Rose Hu

Corporate Controller, Daro Polymers Inc.

Recruiting Social found me while they were doing a search for a client that I would be perfect for. The interview process was great and I thank them for coaching me through the process.

Danielle Edwards

Senior Quality Assurance Analyst @ Appnovation

Chad is a truly recruiting professional. I had a great experience working together and I was impressed by his efficiency, leadership ability and insight. As time has gone on, I am even more impressed with just how deeply he embraces recruiting best practices and genuinely cares about people.

Luc Doucet

Community Manager @ Blast Radius

“Angela at Recruiting Social was nothing short of pleasant, informed, and easy to deal with. She made sure the position fit my professional goals as well as my new employer's. First impressions do matter, as do second, third and fourth ones. I wish every job hunt was this fun.”

Stuart Massey

Senior Project Manager @ Appnovation

Chad originally sourced me to work for Appnovation, and I have since worked with him to interview and hire many others as the business has continued to expand rapidly. I can confidently say that he is an excellent recruiter and would highly recommend Chad and Recruiting Social.

Sarah Corrigan

Inside Sales Rep @ ZAG Group

Thanks Recruiting Social for your professionalism.

Samantha Bridgehouse

Web Developer

Thank you Recruiting Social so much for the plant (not to mention the job... !) :) Had a great first day.

Tariq (Derek) Malik

Process Development Engineer @ Avigilon

I recently worked with Chad to achieve my current position and would highly recommend him and his team at Recruiting Social to other professional recruiters and job seekers.

Michael Collins

LDR @ Appnovation

Adei Mandaluniz

Alfresco Developer @ Appnovation

Recruiting Social found me while searching for Alfresco Developers in the UK. Recruiting Social was able to set up a meeting with me and the CEO and I was given an offer a week later. It was a great process and I enjoyed meeting them on my visit to Vancouver.

Myles O’Leary

Front End Developer @ Appnovation

Jeff Wright

Software Development Engineer @ GMI

Recruiting Social found a position for me that fits me perfectly, working with new technology that I thought didn't think was even seeing significant use yet here in Vancouver. The actual hiring process itself was so smooth that I hardly realized it'd begun before it had wrapped up.