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A recruiting partner that puts people first.

Hi. We’re Recruiting Social, a recruiting services company.

We connect companies like yours with people who love what they do, believe in your vision, and belong on your team.

Our mission is to make recruiting about people.

Recruiting Social team member smiles as she talks with a colleague in a coffee shop

About Recruiting Social

Founded in 2012 by Chad MacRae.

Offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Approximately 15 team members.

Serving companies across the U.S. and Canada.

Specialized in recruiting for team and culture fit.

Donates 10% of profits to education charities.

“Recruiting Social is about bringing the human element back to recruitment. It’s about making it less transactional, and more about finding the right fit between employer and employee. That’s what the ‘social’ in our name really means.”

Chad MacRae, Founder

Members of the Recruiting Social team talking while walking down Water Street in Gastown, Vancouver.

Key Numbers


Percentage of our hires that come from job boards


Talented people we’ve connected with since 2012


Positions we’ve filled since 2012

“Once Recruiting Social started working with our team, we noticed an immediate response. Hiring managers felt more comfortable. We were getting better candidates. It’s worked out fabulously.”

Debbie Ten Eyck, Director of HR for North America, Blast Radius (a WPP company)

Two Recruiting Social team members working on their laptops.

Our Approach

Any recruiter can match resumes to job requirements. But finding people who fit your team and culture is trickier. It takes deep discovery. The recruiter needs to talk with the hiring manager, meet the teammates, experience the workplace, and understand why people choose to work for you. Then, they need to go out and find the right people. This is the basis for how we work:

Deep Intake

Understanding must-haves, nice-to-haves, company culture, team dynamic, and what it takes to thrive in the role.

Social Sourcing

Scouring our networks, databases, social media and the web for qualified people who match the right profile.

Candidate Experience

Reaching out to potential candidates, starting a conversation, telling your story, listening with care, and communicating openly.

“Recruiting Social helped change the way that I looked at recruiters as I could see that they looked at more than just skills listed on a resume or LinkedIn profile and looked at the person as a whole and how they could contribute.”

Darren Louie, Senior Quality Assurance Lead, Appnovation

A Recruiting Social team members smiles as he talks with a colleague over video conference.

What We Do

Our service options are designed to adapt to your company’s needs. But no matter how we support you, we promise to put people – you, your team, and the talent we approach on your behalf – first.

On-demand recruiting and contingency recruiting

“This is an agency that is one step ahead of the game.”

Nina Rizzi, Talent Manager, 6S Marketing

Our Team

More than just recruiters, we’re relationship builders. Our team members are 100% committed to supporting our clients, candidates – and each other – in every way we can.

This is us. Why not say hello?

Chad MacRae

Founder and Principal

Danielle Marchant


Angela Bortolussi


Christian De Pape

Head of Brand Experience

Lara Pinto


Christie Corrigan


Michael Soos

Business Development Manager, Canada

Gabriela de Sousa


Teresa Holland


Sydney Paris

Technical Recruiter

Phil Birchard


Marissa Ng

Recruiting Coordinator

Aleks Keser


Barb Agostini


Kim Pope


10% Giving Commitment

At Recruiting Social, our vision is to see people, businesses and communities thriving together. To help make that happen, we donate 10% of our profits to education support for disadvantaged youth. So everyone, no matter their circumstances, has the opportunity to become tomorrow’s brightest employees and leaders.

Fulfillment Fund

Donations from our Los Angeles office go to Fulfillment Fund, an organization that provides classroom instruction, mentorship and scholarships to low-income, under-resourced youth. Our most recent check was presented in April 2016.

STAND Foundation

Donations from our Vancouver office go to STAND Foundation, an organization that provides mentorship and post-secondary education grants to marginalized youth. Our most recent cheque was presented in October 2016.

For Youth Initiative

Donations from our Toronto office go to For Youth Initiative, a nonprofit organization that provides programs and services to teens and young adults living in low-income neighbourhoods. Our next donation will be in the spring of 2017.

“Recruiting Social is making an amazing commitment to youth in our community.”

Shaneeza Nazseer Ally, Executive Director, For Youth Initiative

Enough about us.

Let’s talk about you and your people.

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