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Recruiting Social’s on-demand is flexible, behind-the-scenes support from skilled recruiters

Meet Aleks. She’s a recruiter at Recruiting Social.

When job reqs pile up, managers want more candidates, and your talent team is overwhelmed: Aleks and her teammates will support you.

With on-demand, you’re always equipped to meet the challenge.

Aleks, an on-demand recruiter at Recruiting Social

Affordable, scalable & skilled

Monthly Pricing

Salary-based headhunting fees add up fast. On-demand makes your budget go further with a predictable monthly rate. You’re not buying candidates; you’re supporting your team.

Scalable Service

Fill one role, or fill all your roles. With on-demand, you can scale your service up or down to match your exact needs.

Skilled & Equipped Recruiters

On-demand support comes prepared. You gain a team member with access to regular training, top recruiting tools, and Recruiting Social’s extended network of talent.

Giving Back 10%

By choosing on-demand, you help deserving young people hone their skills and launch their careers. Recruiting Social donates 10% of profits to education grants for marginalized youth.

“Once Recruiting Social started working with our team, we noticed an immediate response. Hiring managers felt more comfortable. We were getting better candidates. It’s worked out fabulously.”

Debbie Ten Eyck, Director of Human Resources North America, Blast Radius

Service levels that match your needs


Name generation, initial reach out & introduction.

For when

“We just don’t have time for sourcing candidates.”

“We can only manage the applicants and referrals.”

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Manage the process from job req to offer.

For when

“We’re juggling too many job requisitions.”

“We don’t have the expertise for this type of role.”

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Senior Recruiting

Recruit senior roles, guide process & strategy.

For when

“Our recruiting is reactionary, not strategic.”

“We don’t have talent leadership in place right now.”

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Tell us about your recruiting challenges and we’ll help you pick the right on-demand solution.

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Employee smiling in a trendy office.

It’s about people, not transactions

Deep Discovery

Understanding must-haves, nice-to-haves, company culture, and team dynamic is key to finding the right people. That’s why we start every project with an in-depth discovery interview.

Social Sourcing

We scour our networks, databases, social media, and the web for every possible candidate. On-demand recruiters get regular training in the latest sourcing tools and techniques.

Candidate Engagement

When we reach out to candidates, we represent your brand. It’s about starting a conversation, sparking interest, and forming a relationship that will carry over to you.

Candidate Pipeline

Unlike with typical recruiting agency placements, you get to keep (and continue hiring from) the list of qualified, interested, and screened candidates.

See how on-demand works

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Robust recruiting for robust growth.

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Growing a global retailer’s e-commerce team.

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Equipping a marketing agency to do $5B of work.

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Common questions

What is the difference between a contract recruiter and an on-demand recruiter?

Like a contract recruiter, your on-demand recruiter is dedicated to your roles and represents your company when speaking with candidates.

Unlike a contract recruiter, your on-demand recruiter does not need payrolling (you get a simple monthly invoice), you pay no additional costs (LinkedIn Recruiter access is included), and you can increase or decrease your on-demand service at any time, no hassle.

How much do on-demand recruiting services cost?

The cost of on-demand depends on the level of service (sourcing, recruiting, or senior recruiting?) and the volume of service (part-time or full-time?).

On-demand clients typically find a 60% to 70% savings compared to the cost per hire when paying an agency placement fee. To figure out how much on-demand support could save you on agency fees, reach out to us for a proposal.

Do you guarantee hires?

Like when your internal team fills a role, there is no guarantee hires will work out. Unlike typical recruiting services, however, you get to keep (and keep hiring from) the candidate pipeline built by your on-demand recruiter.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Nope. Your contract can be as short as 1 month. You can cancel anytime with 2 weeks notice.

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