Add a recruiter to your team, on demand.

On-demand recruiting is flexible, hourly support from full-cycle recruiters

Meet Teresa. She’s a recruiter at Recruiting Social.

When your hiring increases, the job reqs start multiplying, and your talent team needs help to keep up: Teresa and her teammates will support you.

On-demand recruiters lead your roles from requisition to offer.

Teresa, an on-demand recruiter at Recruiting Social

Dial up your recruiting, no problem

Flexible & Scalable

Fill one role, several roles, or all your roles. With on-demand, you can scale your service up or down to match your exact needs.

Pay by the Hour

On-demand recruiting makes your budget go further because you pay by the hour. You’re not buying candidates, you’re getting help with as many roles as you need.

Giving Back 10%

By choosing on-demand recruiting, you help deserving young people hone their skills and launch their careers. Recruiting Social donates 10% of profits to education grants for marginalized youth.

“Recruiting Social continually delivered results, provided exceptional service and support, and showed genuine integrity and respect as a service provider.”

Sherb Pao, VP Global Operations, Appnovation

Find people who belong on your team

Dedicated Recruiters

An on-demand recruiter focuses only on your company and roles. You gain a dedicated team member equipped with intensive training, an extensive network, and top recruiting tools.

High-quality Candidates

You hire people, not resumes. We screen for candidates who are more than just qualified: they match your values and culture, too.

“The recruiter was always accessible, took the time to really understand our company’s culture, core ideologies, and needs.”

Tiffin Clark, CEO of Cocos Pure

A Recruiting Social team member smiles

Recruiting: the on-demand approach

1. Name Generation

Fewer than 5% of our hires come from job boards. Instead, we scour our networks, social media, and the web for talented people.

2. Reach Out

When we reach out to candidates, we represent your company. It’s about starting a conversation, sparking interest, and establishing a relationship.

3. Screening

Will the candidate bond with the hiring manager? Thrive in the culture? Embody corporate values? These are questions we ask to find the strongest contenders.

4. Interviews

We coordinate interviews, keep candidates informed and excited, and support hiring managers through the selection process.

5. Offers

From offers to onboarding, we stay in touch with candidates and work with hiring managers to ensure a smooth wrap-up of the hiring process.

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