Empower your recruiters to source the candidates you want.

Social Sourcing Training

A customized, on-site workshop for in-house recruiters.

You can wait for applications. Or, you can find and connect with incredible candidates.

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Group of people around a meeting table looking at laptops.

Find the candidates you want, but aren’t reaching.

Passive Candidates

Posting and promoting roles isn’t enough. You need to go hunting for the right person. We’ll teach you how to scour your networks, databases, social media and the web to find potential candidates.

See your company the way candidates do.

Social Media & Employer Brand Audit

What are current, past and potential employees saying about your company? Knowing will help you boost your reputation and optimize your pitch. We’ll do a social media and employer brand audit to help you find out.

Together, we’ll look at your:

  1. Corporate & Careers Websites
  2. Job Board & Job Postings
  3. Corporate Social Media
  4. Employees’ Posts, Shares & Reviews

Gain social sourcing tools, tricks and best practices.

Name Generation

LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Indeed are just the start. The web is a big place – we’ll teach you to use it to source the candidates you want.

Emails & Phone Numbers

Finding names is only step one. Free and low-cost tools will help you scrape the web for candidate email addresses and phone numbers.

Reach Out

Time to introduce your opportunity to the people you’ve sourced. It’s tricky to get a response from cold emails. But we’ll show you how to spark a conversation.

Social Media Promotion

Referrals are still valuable, and social media can help you get them. We’ll show you how to promote your roles for maximum reach.

Person at her desk, writing notes and looking at a laptop.

Hands-on and tailored to you.

In-Person Learning

What’s the best way to learn: talking-head training videos, or on-site instruction and practice? Totally agree – that’s why we only offer our workshop in person.

Workshop Customization

No one-size-fits-all content, here. A thorough intake questionnaire helps us plan and customize your workshop to you – your roles, needs, and wants.

Quick, handy details.


$2,500 (plus travel)


4 – 6 hours (depending on group size)

Group Size

Up to 6 participants


Laptop pre-installed with Google Chrome

The results are real.

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Client Story: 6S Marketing

Customized, hands-on social recruiter training.

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Giving back 10%.

Supporting Marginalized Youth

By working with Recruiting Social, you help deserving young people hone their skills and launch their careers. How? We donate 10% of profits to education grants for marginalized youth.

Start sourcing incredible candidates.

Stop waiting for them to apply.

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