Add a sourcer to your team, on demand.

On-demand sourcing is flexible, hourly support from skilled sourcers

Meet Christie. She’s a sourcing expert at Recruiting Social.

When the roles are tough, you need better candidates, but there’s no time for sourcing: Christie and her teammates will support you.

On-demand sourcing builds the candidate pipelines for you.

Christie, an on-demand sourcing expert at Recruiting Social

It’s simple: find great people

High-quality Candidates

You hire people, not resumes. We source passive candidates who aren’t just qualified, they match your values and culture, too.

Dashboard Reporting

No more spreadsheets. You’ll have access to an always up-to-date reporting dashboard. See your candidate pipeline and track progress from anywhere, anytime.

Pay by the Hour

On-demand makes your budget go further because you pay by the hour. You’re not buying candidates, you’re getting help with as many roles as you need.

Giving Back 10%

By choosing on-demand sourcing, you help deserving young people hone their skills and launch their careers. Recruiting Social donates 10% of profits to education grants for marginalized youth.

“We needed a team that could immediately dive in, to source and screen candidates across a variety of mediums with little to no oversight needed. The team at Recruiting Social was able to identify candidates quickly, while ensuring a level of quality was of the utmost importance – tough to maintain, given the speed at which we were recruiting. They truly felt a part of the broader organization and were great partners to us during this critical time in our building process.”

Mike Lamar, Senior Director, Biddable Investments, Hearts & Science

Sourcing: the on-demand approach

1. Name Generation

We scour our networks, databases, social media, and the web for passive candidates. On-demand recruiters get regular training in the latest sourcing tools and techniques.

2. Initial Reach Out

When we reach out to candidates, we represent your brand. It’s about starting a conversation, sparking interest, and forming a relationship that carries over to you.

3. Introduction

Once candidates express interest, it’s over to you. Your team drives the process from interviews to offers.

An on-demand client story

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Blast Radius & Designkitchen

Staffing digital agency projects for success.

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