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Leaving Behind the “War for Talent:” Q&A with Lars Schmidt from HR Open Source |

The co-creator of HR Open Source explains why recruiters and human resources practitioners can benefit from sharing their practices openly.... Keep Reading

How to Ditch the Dysfunction & Build a High Performance Team, with Erica Groschler |

Organizational development expert Erica Groschler reveals how you can turn around dysfunctional workplace teams and get team members working in sync:... Keep Reading

Nick Boyd on How Workplaces Affect People & Productivity |

“You can really tell the difference in a company that spends the time building a space that supports their employees.” That’s Nick Boyd, President of Vancouver-based business interior design–build company Fusion Projects, talking about the important role workplaces play in an employee’s da... Keep Reading

Gather ’Round the Campfire: Tips to Spark Your HR Career |

By Angela Bortolussi, HR Specialist & Recruiter Photo credit: “Campfire on the beach” by Tristan Schmurr on Flickr. Q: What ignited the HR flame within you? A: People were the catalyst, that was the trigger that lit the fire. Q: How did you set yourself apart from other HR professionals... Keep Reading

Shanu Satiani on HR, Living & Doing Business in Dubai |

“Emiratis – local people – make up a small percentage of the population.” “Approximately 15 percent.” That’s UAE-based co-founder of SmartHR Shanu Satiani, talking about the incredible volumes of foreign talent living and working in Dubai. She adds: “you can imagine the number of... Keep Reading

Jeff Waldman on Why HR Needs Social Media & More |

“I’ve always had a fascination with people in the workplace.” That’s Jeff Waldman, HR technology strategist and founder of the popular SocialHRCamp, explaining why he got into human resources. “When social media came along I dabbled in it for personal use. I just loved it. I also noticed ... Keep Reading

Debbie Bortolussi on Startup HR, 10 Traits Great Employers Share, & More |

“I love both business and people, so I wanted to marry the two together.” That’s why Debbie Bortolussi, President of Vancouver-based HR and marketing consulting firm PHR Resources, got into human resources. “It was back in the ’80s; I was working in a pathology lab during the day and taki... Keep Reading