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Leaving Behind the “War for Talent:” Q&A with Lars Schmidt from HR Open Source |

The co-creator of HR Open Source explains why recruiters and human resources practitioners can benefit from sharing their practices openly.... Keep Reading

How to Ditch the Dysfunction & Build a High Performance Team, with Erica Groschler |

Organizational development expert Erica Groschler reveals how you can turn around dysfunctional workplace teams and get team members working in sync:... Keep Reading

Hired! Now What? 5 Ways to Improve Employee Retention |

Guest post by Monika Malczynski So, you’ve just spent the past few months sifting through resumes, interviewing candidates and going through final selection to find the perfect candidate to fit your role. As you take a nice, long sigh of relief, you feel both satisfied and pleased to have complete... Keep Reading

Nick Boyd on How Workplaces Affect People & Productivity |

“You can really tell the difference in a company that spends the time building a space that supports their employees.” That’s Nick Boyd, President of Vancouver-based business interior design–build company Fusion Projects, talking about the important role workplaces play in an employee’s da... Keep Reading

Gather ’Round the Campfire: Tips to Spark Your HR Career |

By Angela Bortolussi, HR Specialist & Recruiter Photo credit: “Campfire on the beach” by Tristan Schmurr on Flickr. Q: What ignited the HR flame within you? A: People were the catalyst, that was the trigger that lit the fire. Q: How did you set yourself apart from other HR professionals... Keep Reading

Shanu Satiani on HR, Living & Doing Business in Dubai |

“Emiratis – local people – make up a small percentage of the population.” “Approximately 15 percent.” That’s UAE-based co-founder of SmartHR Shanu Satiani, talking about the incredible volumes of foreign talent living and working in Dubai. She adds: “you can imagine the number of... Keep Reading

Jeff Waldman on Why HR Needs Social Media & More |

“I’ve always had a fascination with people in the workplace.” That’s Jeff Waldman, HR technology strategist and founder of the popular SocialHRCamp, explaining why he got into human resources. “When social media came along I dabbled in it for personal use. I just loved it. I also noticed ... Keep Reading

Debbie Bortolussi on Startup HR, 10 Traits Great Employers Share, & More |

“I love both business and people, so I wanted to marry the two together.” That’s why Debbie Bortolussi, President of Vancouver-based HR and marketing consulting firm PHR Resources, got into human resources. “It was back in the ’80s; I was working in a pathology lab during the day and taki... Keep Reading