What Type of Recruiter Are You? Here’s What The Zodiac Reveals

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From Aries the restless sourcer to Pisces the livelihood giver, astrologist Mimi Truong shares what your sun sign says about who you are as a recruiter. Tweet it

The 12 sun signs of the #recruitinglife zodiac

Aries symbol


As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries has a desire to be first at everything they do. When they don’t come in first place, they won’t give up from trying again. Being competitive is an understatement for Aries, the drive to excel can be exceptional. When it comes to identifying talent, Aries will work restlessly in their search. Tweet it / Pin it

Lesson: Their success will come through when they recognize their ability to find balance through initiating meaningful relationships with both hiring managers and candidates. Aries have a tendency to work alone, feeling they must conquer it all, but they must learn that there is no shame in asking for help and that it’s part of playing the game.

Taurus symbol


Represented by the Bull, Taurus’ perseverance is a strength to be reckoned with. They are practical in their approach and integrating a method in their work provides them with the proper foundation on which to build. Taurus’ are reliable and can be rock stars recruiters if expectations, requirements and metrics are clearly defined. Tweet it / Pin it

Lesson: Taurus should remember that being stubborn and resisting change will be their downfall in adapting to the constant flow of change that occurs in the search for talent and filling orders. With patience and in overtime, Taurus will catch onto the ebb and flow of the business and will be able to find their comfort zone.

Gemini symbol


The twins of the zodiac are curious minds blessed with the gift of the gab. They are the messenger, bringing random trivial information to all of whom they come into contact. Gemini take pride in being versatile. They can assimilate to almost any type of environment as well as talk to anyone about anything, which is a useful skill to have as a recruiter. Tweet it / Pin it

Lesson: It’s important for Gemini to understand its dual nature and use it to its advantage; otherwise, they will spread themselves too thin. They must learn to hone in their nervous energy by working with one or a few industries at a time. They can be extremely productive if they put effort in mindful work.

Cancer symbol


The Crab is protective and nurturing, they will stand up for what they believe in and whom they care. They’re willing to make tremendous sacrifices but expect return on investment. If they have a stake in the work they do, they’ll show a strong basic instinct in understanding candidates’ needs and will be sensitive to the candidates’ family feedback about whether the position is the right fit. Tweet it / Pin it

Lesson: Because Cancers find fulfillment in doing things for others, they may not know when to say no. In that case, they must be clear about their role and responsibilities, and be careful about not taking up more than they should or over promising and under delivering.

Leo symbol


The charismatic lion king desires to be appreciated and wants to excel on their own right. As long as they are being recognized for their stellar performance and rewarded for their hard work, they will deliver. Because they have a pure heart and an authentic generosity, they will go to miles to help a hiring manager fill a crucial position or present a candidate in the best light possible. Tweet it / Pin it

Lesson: Even though they may have a mighty roar, they’re actually self-aware and self-conscious about how they behave, how they carry and present themselves, and how they show up in people’s mind. When screening for a candidate, Leos should expect to develop a resiliency from experiencing all the failures in the staffing industry.

Virgo symbol


Virgo is meticulous in their work. They pay attention to details, possess high intelligence, and can critically analyze large amounts of information. These skills serve them well in determining candidates worth submitting for a position, as they read through resumes and listen to interview answers. Virgo’s quality of work comes by being of service to others and through their ability to follow-up throughout the recruiting cycle. Tweet it / Pin it

Lesson: While the search for perfection is one of Virgo’s quests, they must be careful not to cut themselves short of doing their job efficiently by making the mistake of waiting on the perfect candidate to appear.

Libra symbol


Recruiting, just like any business, is driven by relationships. With a pleasant and graceful demeanor, Libras are adept at building a book of business by developing one-on-one relationships. Libras are veracious advocates and will root for a candidate if they feel it’s the fair thing to do. Represented by the Scale, a Libra has the ability to see all sides of an issue, which is a strength when offering objective advice to a candidate about any job opportunities. Tweet it / Pin it

Lesson: However, this is what also leads Libra to be indecisive. Despite weighing in all the pros and cons, they prefer not make a judgment call until or unless someone else makes the choice instead.

Scorpio symbol


Despite the sensitivity and depth of emotions that lie beneath the surface, Scorpio have a thick skin and are able to handle difficult situations. Scorpio’s intensity and staying power allow them to work long hours. They are perceptive and make great detectives, so they can easily get to the truth behind the bull when candidates attempt to fabricate information. Tweet it / Pin it

Lesson: Scorpios can have great poker face, which can benefit them when they need to “control” the candidate; however, the intimidation factor can be a deterrent in getting a candidate excited about a position.

Sagittarius symbol


Free spirited and adventurous, Sagittarius is the perpetual optimist. They will look in far and strange places to find a candidate. You can always count on them to give honest feedback and opinions about the qualifications of a candidate. It’s important for Sagittarius to speak the truth and live with integrity, which serve them well in building a successful career when the lines get blurred. Tweet it / Pin it

Lesson: Because Sagittarius can be adamant about their truth, they must learn to be less judgmental when qualifying a candidate or learn not insist on being right at all times or to strictly follow theoretical principles when filling a position.

Capricorn symbol


This Mountain Goat is conservative in its decision making, but remains steady and seeks personal independence through economic security, hard work and never letting anything get in their way. Capricorn can excel in recruiting because they are business-minded and are driven by achieving lofty goals. Finding the right candidate is a win, but finding a superstar candidate brings Capricorn the accolades they seek. Tweet it / Pin it

Lesson: Capricorns can be melancholic and lonely, so may tend to think the world to be cold and unkind, so they feel the need to fend for themselves. They will benefit from working in a supportive team environment where recruiters help each other from qualifying to closing a candidate.

Aquarius symbol


The Water Bearer enjoys personal freedom and to work independently. Their bright mind can serve them well in recruiting by being a forward thinker. Not only does the ability to anticipate what’s coming allow them to be prepared, but they can conjure up original ways to solve problems. Tweet it / Pin it

Lesson: While Aquarius seem to have a healthy social life, they have an intellectual way to establish relationships. Perhaps, they may enjoy developing a deeper and emotional connection with their candidates in guiding them through such a life changing decision.

Pisces symbol


The Double Fish are sensitive, spiritual and empathetic beings. They would not normally be found among recruiters, but if they are, then they have overcome challenges of self-doubt and have accepted the reality of the physical world. Once they’ve committed to the role of a recruiter, they are fully devoted to the service of helping people find a job that sustains their livelihood and that of their families. Tweet it / Pin it

Lesson: Pisces are great escape artist and can be easily influenced by others. They must learn not to give up when things get tough and to trust their instincts to get the job done.

Mimi Truong, Los Angeles-based astrologist

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Mimi Truong is an astrologist based in Los Angeles, California. Wanting to make the world a better place, she obtained a law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School, but ultimately chose a less traditional career path in fulfilling that desire. Watch her YouTube videos.

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