6 Awesome Job Postings That Blew Us Away

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We reviewed dozens and dozens of job postings. These 6 awesome examples each feature an idea or two worth adopting when you write yours. Tweet it

6 Awesome job postings to inspire yours

What makes a potential candidate hit that apply button?

Your job posting. Right? And Chad just schooled us on how horrible most postings happen to be. While he did suggest some approaches for writing better material, advice always goes down easier with examples of how to do things right.

Here are six awesome job postings that, across the board, we love, you’ll love too (and want to steal ideas from):

1 / Customer Advocate / Hootsuite

Hootsuite customer advocate job posting

The job: Customer Advocate
The company: Hootsuite

Why we love it: There are many reasons to love this job posting. The first one? It focuses on the candidate, not the company. The second? It asks for qualities, not experience. They know that finding great candidates isn’t always about experience, but about the candidate’s personality. Hootsuite is showing they know how to get those entry level applicants by asking for their qualities and personal attributes, not their years of experience.

What to steal: When writing job postings for entry level jobs, focus on keeping the candidate engaged without feeling overwhelmed. Don’t make it about specific skills, but about who the candidate is as a person and what they’ll gain from starting their career with your company.

2 / Copywriter / DeepFocus

DeepFocus copywriter job posting

The job: Copywriter
The company: DeepFocus

Why we love it: Let’s just talk about their eye-grabbing opening paragraph. This one’s not for the faint of heart. It’s full of imagery, personality and it comes with a strong call to action. But the best part? They’ve written it for their target candidate: a writer. This extravagant and articulate job posting is perfect for the only kind of crowd it will attract – a highly – seasoned content marketer.

What to steal: Write your job postings for your ideal candidate. For a writer this could entail some serious verbal imagery. For an engineer, something short and sweet. Just like with any other piece of writing, think of your target audience and … target them (I know, crazy right?).

3 / Engineer / Wildebeest

Wildebeest Engineer job posting

The job: Tech Lead
The company: Wildebeest

Why we love it: A job posting doesn’t need to be 500+ words (your candidate isn’t going to read them all anyways). This one is short and to the point. Casual, but professional. Gets the message across. And once again, focuses on who they’re looking for: an engineer.

What to steal: LENGTH. Or should we say, lack of it. This two paragraph job description does everything right. It highlights the company culture while simultaneously saying exactly what they want from a candidate. Wildebeest has it all right: they know the candidate isn’t going to read the whole job posting and if the candidate is interested they’ll research the company more on their own anyways.

4 / Amazing Writer / HireVue

Hirevue ‘amazing writer’ job posting

The job: Amazing Writer
The company: HireVue

Why we love it: You probably feel we’re taking you in circles here – first we praise short job descriptions, now it’s long ones. What’s next? Job postings on signs, on busses (actually, we’re usually into those). While concise job postings are normally preferable, Hirevue does something really important with this one: they call out to non-active job seekers. They know that 70% of workers are either passive or approachable job seekers and their job posting capitalizes on that. Plus, how many of us can say that we have ‘amazing’ in our job titles?

What to steal: A strong call to action in a job post is never a bad thing – especially for those more hard to fill roles where the ideal candidate may take a little coercion.

5 / Content Marketer / Medallia

Medallia content marketer job posting

The job: Content Marketer
The company: Medallia

Why we love it: Sorry to put three different content marketing positions in this list but we can’t help it. With this fun loving job posting, how could we not give a shout-out to Medallia? It highlights the company’s fun culture, but keeps it real at the same time.

What to steal: Culture is a hiring buzzword, but it’s a buzzword for a reason. And yes, it can and should be in job your company’s job postings. How else will a potential candidate know who your company is as a team and as a workplace if you don’t show them at their first glance?

6 / Earls / Server

Earls server job posting

The job: Server
The company: Earls Kitchen & Bar

Why we love it: This one shows us that any job posting can show company culture and come with a call to action! Many food service companies don’t think too much about how they attract servers and other restaurant staff because there is such a high turnover rate, but Earls showing us that they value all of their employees (which ultimately will help them retain them).

What to steal: Show each candidate and hire how much they matter to you! And how much you want them on your team – no matter the position.

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