What Libras Can Teach Recruiters About Relationship-Building

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As the sun passes through Libra, astrologist Mimi Truong shares advice (and mantras) inspired by the zodiac sign to help you be a better recruiter. Tweet it

A handshake takes place beneath a Libra sun.

A successful career in talent acquisition is founded on building meaningful relationships.

You don’t need an astrologist to tell you that. But have you ever considered what relationships look like from an astrological perspective?

Relationship-building is a timely topic. The sun enters and passes through the zodiac sign of Libra between September 23 and October 22, and Libra’s wisdom lies in establishing balanced, harmonious relationships.

Kind of like the ones you look to forge between employer and candidate, right?

Building healthy and long-lasting relationships is a skill that develops throughout a lifetime and comes easier to some than others. As a recruiter, you know this. But even though networking is what you do, there will inevitably come a moment when you’re stuck not feeling at your best and could use some assistance – a little wisdom.

Mantras can help. Repeating one can pull you out of the chaos and get into a clear state of mind.

Here are three nuggets of Libra-inspired but universally-applicable wisdom, and mantras you can repeat in moments of stress to help you remember them:


Mantra: Don’t say yes to stress, say: “NO, because I said SO!”

Mantra: Choose discomfort over resentment! (from Dr. Brené Brown)

Libras are naturally very charming, but the need to please can put other people’s priorities ahead of their own.

Sound familiar? Saying yes to more job req’s than you can reasonably handle? Sourcing late into the night to please that demanding hiring manager?

The most effective way to set boundaries is being clear with yourself about what behaviors you do and don’t tolerate from others. A rule of thumb: pay attention to when you are about to say “yes” to something or someone even though your gut or your heart is screaming “no”. Your boundaries are being hijacked!


Mantra: What’s at stake? Evaluate, negotiate, and advocate.

Libras make brilliant negotiators – they logically weigh out pros and cons and seek balance in the decisions they make. But when that balance is missing, they act out in extremes: aggression or hopeless defeat.

Not hard to imagine how that might make closing a tough candidate or salary negotiation even more difficult!

Compromise requires effort. For every argument, there is a counter-argument or rebuttal. Be prepared for it. Don’t just give up! Don’t get hung up on your emotions. Ask: what are the rules that apply to this situation? Once you’ve objectively assessed the problem, a compromise is 99% easier.


Mantra: WTF – go for it anyways!

Mantra: Take it – own it!

Libra is the sign of contractual relationships, including hiring and employment. People born under the sign take collaboration, partnership and working together very seriously. Ironically, that also makes them commitment-phobic.

Make you wonder if some of those never-satisfied-with-the-candidates hiring managers are Libras?

Making a commitment to a new job, new city, new co-workers, or new boss can be both scary and exciting. But the bravest moments are built out of fear. People are meant to be connected to one another – not live in fear. Once you take that step, once you start pursuing your dreams, magic happens.

Mimi Truong, Los Angeles-based astrologist

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Mimi Truong is an astrologist based in Los Angeles, California. Wanting to make the world a better place, she obtained a law degree from Thomas M. Cooley Law School, but ultimately chose a less traditional career path in fulfilling that desire. Watch her YouTube videos and connect with her at MyAstrologyBlueprint.com

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