Recruiting Life Crossword Puzzle

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Recruiting Life crossword puzzle grid

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1. Slang term originating in the 1960s that refers to the act of seeking out and recruiting employees, particularly highly-paid executives.

4. Prestigious college whose graduates Silicon Valley tech companies are reputed to favor.

10. Santa Clara, California-based semiconductor company that made headlines in January 2015 by announcing it would spend $300 million on improving workforce diversity.

11. Recruiting discipline focused on identification and initial engagement of skilled job candidates.

14. Applicant tracking system with more than 50% market share.

16. eBay-owned classifieds website that was a flop in the U.S. but remains hugely (strangely) popular in Canada.

17. Large employment website that trades as MWW on the NYSE.

18. Largest private employer 
in France.

19. Futuristic infrastructure project proposed by Elon Musk that’s currently recruiting aerodynamicists, among other engineering roles.


2. High-valued tech company the state of California believes to employ tens of thousands more people than the company acknowledges.

3. Washington-based retail company ranked #2 on Forbes’s ‘America’s Best Employers of 2015’ list.

5. Origin-language of the word ‘recruit’ and its derivatives.

6. Biggest job board website in China.

7. First person to use the term ‘human resources,’ in its modern meaning, in his 1958 report ‘The Human Resources Function’.

8. Multinational beverage company that won a CandE Award in 2015.

9. Most expensive employee working for an NHL team in the 2014–2015 season, at a salary of $16.5 million.

12. High-profile CEO who garnered press in 2013 for ending a popular work-from-home policy.

13. CEO who made headlines in April 2015 by declaring a company-wide minimum salary of $70,000.

15. Trade name of the largest private employer in the world.


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ACROSS: 1. Headhunting; 4. Stanford; 10. Intel; 11. Sourcing; 14. Taleo 16. Kijiji; 17. Monster; 18. McDonald’s; 19. Hyperloop.
DOWN: 2. Uber; 3. Costco; 5. French; 6. Zhaopin; 7. Edward Bakke; 8. PepsiCo; 9. Sidney Crosby 12. Marissa Meyer; 13. Dan Price; 15. Walmart.