Songs for Sourcing 2: Top Sourcers Share Their Picks

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Do you listen to music when snooping the web for talent? We asked 6 top sourcers to share the songs they play when sourcing candidates. Here’s the list. Tweet it

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Do you listen to music when snooping the web for talent?

Bet you do.

In fact, we already published a playlist of songs to source to as suggested by a baker’s dozen of ace recruiters. But we’re back at it – because really, can you have too many songs to listen to while tapping out those Boolean search strings? Didn’t think so.

Here, ‘sourced’ from some of the top sourcers out there, are six more songs to add to your playlist:

The songs

Sabotage / Beastie Boys

Song: Sabotage by the Beastie Boys
Who chose it: Shannon Pritchett (@sourcingshannon) of ManpowerGroup
Why: “I like the beat and the energy from the song. It makes me try different, more creative, techniques.”


Headhunter / Front 242

Song: Headhunter by Front 242
Who chose it: Joshua Jones (@7recruiter) of ERE Media
Why: “One of the most important tools in a sourcer’s arsenal is a good playlist. This song keeps me upbeat in even my most desperate sourcing times.”


Eric Church / Creepin’

Song: Creepin’ by Eric Church
Who chose it: Will Thomson (@WillRecruits) of Bullseye Recruiting
Why: “This song starts out slow and by the end of it, it makes me feel like I have just had a double shot of espresso – which I need when I’m sourcing tons of candidates.”


Michael Jackson / The Way You Make Me Feel

Song: The Way You Make Me Feel by Michael Jackson
Who chose it: Donnie Banks (@dcbrecruits) of OpenX
Why: “I love the beat – it motivates me to focus, feel happy, and source! Plus, I love old school jams.”

Alive / Empire Of The Sun

Song: Alive by Empire Of The Sun
Who chose it: Chad MacRae (@herecruits) of Recruiting Social
Why: “It’s happy – when you’re looking for unicorns, you need to listen to something happy!”


Moonlight Sonata / Beethoven

Song: Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven
Who chose it: Derek Zeller (@derdiver) of Microsoft via Search Wizards
Why: “I prefer music without words as it can be distracting, but the background noise is soothing while reading resumes.”

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