How To Take Employer Brand Photos For Social Media

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Angela Bortolussi reveals 10 tips to help you snap top-notch employer brand photos to share on social media. Tweet it

Recruiter Angela Bortolussi taking an employer brand photo for social media

You’ve got social media accounts set up to promote your employer brand. But what kind of images are you sharing?

No in-house photographer or videographer? Limited resources? Not-so-savvy when it comes to taking and posting pictures?

I’ve got you covered.

Before we start snapping and posting away, here’s the #1 rule – choose social networks (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) that support your brand’s image.

Here are ten tips to make taking and posting great employer brand photos are as simple as “1–2–3 say CHEESE!”

1. Choose a theme

Nurse Next Door’s Instagram page

Decide how you want your company feed’s general aesthetic to look. For example, hints of pink show up in most of Nurse Next Door’s photos.

Tip: Pick neutrals or use color palettes that look consistent. Most camera and sharing apps include tools for adjusting the colour of your photos [see step 4].

“Decide how you want your company feed’s general aesthetic to look.”

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2. Professional photographer? No-way

OpenX’s Instagram account

While professionally-taken photos are still useful for social, less polished shots from a mobile phone are essential to capture and share on social media – they look less staged, and feel more authentic. These photos from OpenX’s Instagram account? I took them – and I’m a recruiter!

Tip: Remember, it’s about being in the moment – but feel free to take 50 snaps until you get that ideal picture. I know I do!

3. Give direction

It’s important to provide direction to your photo’s subject, or your photographer if you’re the subject! [particularly for angles – see Step 5].

Tip 1: A perfect background can include images of the company office, workstations and employees [which showcases corporate culture]. Just ensure employees are on-board when it comes to snapping their photo; ask for their OK.

Tip 2: If it’s your company’s product you’re showcasing, use a white backdrop to give your image a clean and consistent look.

4. A lighting of fact

Naturally lit photo of Angela Bortolussi sitting on the floor, working on her laptop

Work with natural light – whether you’re outside or inside – but avoid direct sunlight. Never, ever use the flash!

Tip 1: Taking pictures outside, the best lighting times are mid-morning around 10:00 am, and mid-afternoon from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm, with some variation by season.

Tip 2: When working with lighting near windows, be careful – you might get shadowed in.

Tip 3: Don’t have the right lighting, or want to enhance the color of the photo? Try apps like Snapseed and VSCO Cam to get the right effect. They’re available on both Android and iOS.

“Work with natural light – whether you’re outside or inside …”

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5. Find that angle

Ping-Pong paddle at a closeup angle

Finding a flattering angle might feel unnatural when, for example, you’re standing over a table of people to get that picture-perfect food shot – but guess what, it works!

Tip 1: Always stand above when you want to get a bird’s eye angle of your subject.

Tip 2: Angle the camera slightly up and snap away when capturing profile shots.

6. Avoid heavily cropping

Phone with photo cropping tools

Zooming = pixelated.

Resize your photos without losing quality with your camera or social media platform’s image resizing options. For example, under the tools option, Instagram allows for cropping, resizing, and adjusting.

7. Say no to night time

Ping-Pong match on a stage in a dark theatre

Too dark = grainy photos. Flash? No thank you – unless you want to look like a washed-out alien with glowing eyes.

Tip: Try and avoid dark night photos unless you have amazing lighting surrounding the subject.

8. Skip the collage

Avoid combining multiple photos together into a single collage. The best way to accomplish visibility and build your company’s following? Post at least once or twice a day – with #hashtags.

Note: Hashtags can expire. Thus, posting more = easy way to build your brand presence on social media.

9. To sync, or not to sync?

Example of an Instagram post that was automatically reposted to Twitter

Social networks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr efficiently allow users to sync images across multiple platforms all at once.

Good idea? The saving-time part is helpful, but keep in mind each platform will share your image a bit differently. From the example above, you can see that syncing from Instagram to Twitter, followers will not see the image unless they decide to click the Instagram link.

Tip: Avoiding syncing and post images separately within each platform chosen.

10. Caption this

Example of the caption for an Instagram photo

The engagement-driver starts with the picture and ends with the caption. Ensure your post not only tells a story with its image but also with a caption.

Tip: Determine if your subject will be short and snappy, or drawn out and poetic. It’s important to know your audience and cultivate a vibe that resembles what your employer brand is all about.

“… Cultivate a vibe that resembles what your employer brand is all about.”

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Recruiter and HR Specialist Angela Bortolussi

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Angela Bortolussi is an HR Specialist and Sr. Recruiter with Recruiting Social’s Vancouver and Los Angeles offices. Connect with her on LinkedIn, follow her on Twitter at @ABortolusssi, and (of course) check out her Instagram feed at @ABortolusssi!

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