How to Wow the Candidates You’re Recruiting by Saying “Happy Holidays”

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Six tips, tricks and templates for sending season’s greetings to the talent you want to hire.

Phone displaying message: "Jayla, just wishing you an amazing 2016!"

Illustrations: Christian De Pape

Don’t just tack “Happy Holidays” to the last email you send candidates before the new year. Spend five minutes planning and sending a thoughtful and genuine seasonal message to the people you’re trying to recruit; they’ll remember you and appreciate your effort well into the New Year.

Here are six tips for wowing them with your holiday wishes:

Send a message that’s right for the person

If you don’t know if – or what – your candidate celebrates at this time of year, default to Happy Holidays, Season’s Greetings, or Happy New Year.

Here are some message templates to get you started:

  1. [Candidate Name], was great to connect with you this year – Happy Holidays! —[Your Name]
  2. To you and your family from the team at [Your Company],Happy Holidays, [Candidate Name]!
  3. [Candidate Name], just wanted to send you Season’s Greetings! —[Your Name]
  4. [Candidate Name], wishing you an amazing 2017! —[Your Name]

Send it digitally

Greeting cards are delightful to receive from friends, family, and close colleagues. But sending one to your candidate at their home address? Kinda creepy. Send your holiday greetings the same way you typically communicate with them: email, LinkedIn message, Facebook message, etc.

Phone displaying message: "To you from our team, Happy Holidays, Nate!"

Include an image

Typing “Happy Holidays” takes all of one second and can be done mindlessly – meaninglessly. An image will catch the reader’s attention, and convince them you mean it. It’s not hard to find or create a visual to send; snap a quick, fun photo of your team or pick one of these holiday-themed, license-free photos from or Unsplash. Then, add a message or your logo using Buffer’s free Pablo tool.

Show some personality

Write a greeting that comes from you. Use what Matt Charney calls “weekend language,” not formal business language. But keep it classy; don’t say anything that doesn’t reflect your company and brand.

Phone displaying message: "Brrr…Keep cool for the holidays, Nadja! —Devin"

Mention the candidate by name

Personalize, just like you do all your communications with candidates (Right? Riiiight?).

Leave recruiting out of it

Make it about being nice, not making a new hire. Nothing will burst the sincerity bubble like a “We look forward to WORKING with you in the New Year!” or a “Wouldn’t you love to join this team in 2017?” Don’t worry, though: your thoughtful message will pay employer brand-dividends well into the New Year!

Christian De Pape, Recruiting Social’s Head of Marketing and Content
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Christian De Pape is the head of brand experience at Recruiting Social. Connect with him on LinkedIn.

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