2016 Recruiting Trends: Recruiters Make Predictions

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New year, new resolutions – new trends. Recruiters and employers weigh in on what talent acquisition will look like in 2016.

“2016” floating inside a crystal ball

Tinder Isn’t The Only Place You’ll Swipe Right

“A bigger emphasis on online dating type recruitment algorithms will be developed. In the healthcare recruitment arena, there are now developments in sourcing potential candidates that are more likely to get accepted by the employer. In the same light as online dating has developed, now both candidate and employers are inputting variables such as salary, location, importance of work/life balance, into a database and are matched as a result.”

Ahmed Elsayyad, CEO, Elsayyad Medical, @AhmedElsayyad

The Employer Brand Obsession Is Here To Stay

“Employer branding is gonna be even bigger in 2016. This is something that more and more employers are dedicating resources to and have adjusted their budgets accordingly. Every employee carries the ‘ambassador’ name now, not just public relations, marketing and recruiting teams. This is not a fad or trend in the least. It’s here to stay and is shaping up to be the norm for most employers.”

David Nicola, Technical Sourcer, Delphix@Capt_Careerist

Employers Will Reevaluate Their Hiring Practices

“I believe that most employers, whether hiring in local markets or nationally, will experience increased difficulty in recruiting. This challenge will be driven by growing demand for high-quality candidates across all levels and types of positions. Everyone involved in hiring will need to move faster: unemployment is low, and the demand for skills is high across virtually any platform or industry. It will be incumbent upon employers to reevaluate their hiring processes and cycles to be as efficient as possible, and to ensure that they do not lose great talent.”

Miriam Dushane, Managing Director, Linium Recruiting

Counter Offers Will Reach An All-Time High

“Companies will continue to vie for talent due to the limited number of qualified resources in the professional markets. The historically high number of days to fill a position and number of individuals receiving and accepting counter-offers will continue into the late third quarter of 2016.”

Kyle Patrick, Managing Director, Rockwood Search

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“… Online dating type recruitment algorithms will be developed.”

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Mobile Recruitment Will Be In Full Swing

“The market is getting more and more competitive and for us to stay ahead we have to take a forward approach and keep up with trends. We have to get creative to capture new candidates in the market as they are getting approached constantly and we have to attract quality candidates. To do this we have to be flexible and more mobile-friendly. Everything is going towards mobile, and in 2016 there will be even more of an emphasis on this. Staying up to date on current mobile trends is not just important but necessary during this super competitive time.”

Lara Pinto, Recruiter, Recruiting Social, @LaraRecruits

Millennials Will Continue … To Be Millennials

“Generation X and Millennials are looking for a career that offers meaning. Presenting a job with a purpose is of the utmost importance. If companies cannot present a job with a purpose that is appealing, they will lose out on some of the top talent in these generations.”

Tycha Peterson, Director of Recruiting, DatabaseUSA

Recruiters Will Focus More On “The Human Element”

“Recruiters will continue to focus on candidate experience and the human element of recruiting as new HR tech companies come out with more and more products. And with marketing and content becoming a larger part of the recruitment process, we will start to notice a larger gap between a poorly trained recruiter and a great recruiter.”

Chad MacRae, Founder & Principal Recruiter, Recruiting Social, @HeRecruits

“… We will start to notice a larger gap between a poorly trained recruiter and a great recruiter”

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Your predictions?

What 2016 recruiting trends do you predict? We’d love to know – tweet us @RecruitingSoc

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