These 7 Apps Will Help Any Recruiter Get (& Stay) Organized

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What apps can you not live without to stay organized? Here, 7 seasoned recruiters share the top apps they swear by.

1 / Rapportive

Rapportive web app’s logo
Rapportive lets me link to candidates on LinkedIn and Twitter right from my Gmail. It helps me skip a step in connecting with candidates, allowing me to personalize communications with them in just one step.”

Danielle Marchant (@sherecruits), recruiting manager at Recruiting Social

2 / Microsoft OneNote

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“The past couple of years, I have been living and breathing OneNote. This ‘digital notebook’ helps me stay organized and sane! You create tabs and add pages. Within each page, you can add text, video, math equations, links, photos and so much more. There is a record option which you can use to record video or audio – think interviews, intake sessions, meetings, webinars, training sessions, etc. What I love most about this digital notebook is that it automatically saves all your notes for you so you don’t have to ever worry about losing your stuff. You also have the option of saving your files and notes to the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere and share it with anyone and they have a mobile app.”

Yasmine Mukahal (@YasmeenMukahal), talent acquisition site lead at Dell

3 / Rakuna Recruit

Rakuna Recruit logo

Rakuna Recruit is a wonderful app to use every time I need to visit offline recruiting events like career fairs, networking events, etc. It helps me to capture prospective candidates’ resumes and qualify candidates as I chat with them. It cuts out all the manual tasks usually required to keep track of and follow-up with these candidates.”

Ngan Pham (@bbboxes), in-house consultant and recruiter at Big Blue Boxes

4 / Archively

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“Lots of apps help me find candidates and their contact information, but Archively keeps me and my team organized! With Archively, I can discover candidate information, track activity and monitor my pipeline all in one place. Archively’s interface is much prettier than Excel and it’s already set up as a ’spreadsheet‘ for recruiters. It also makes collaboration with my team seamless.”

Anu Pillai (@silverbullco), vice president talent acquisition at Silverbull Software

5 / Trello

Trello logo

Trello is what I use to stay organized. Why? To create and manage tasks, to-do-lists and notes on a daily basis. You can download Trello easily on your mobile phone which makes it a wonderful tool if you are on the go and need access to all your information while you are out of the office.”

Donnie Christann Banks (@DCBrecruits), talent acquisition partner at OpenX

6 / Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail logo

“Add the Boomerang to Gmail plugin to your Gmail account for an easy way to set up auto follow-up reminders when you email someone. Set it to remind you to follow up if the person doesn’t either, a) respond, b) click on a link, or c) regardless.”

Jessica Magoch (@JessicaMagoch), CEO at JPM Sales Partners

7 / logo alleviates the pain of scheduling meetings between managers and candidates. It integrates with my calendar, keeping my schedule up to date at all times. If I want to schedule a meeting with someone, I just put a few options into the app, and it sends those options off. The person then chooses the time that works best for them and we both get notified. It saves me so much time.”

Barb Agostini (@barbagostini) managing partner at Recruiting Social

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