Recruiting 101: What Is A Hiring Manager?

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Recruiting 101: What Is A Hiring Manager?

What is a hiring manager?

A hiring manager is the employee who requests that an open position be filled. They are the individual the new employee will report, as well as the decision maker with final say on which candidate will be hired. A hiring manager can come from any level within the organization from entry level to senior. As a general rule, however, they tend to be more senior.

What is the role of the hiring manager in the recruitment process?

At a startup or smaller company, a hiring manager might also be responsible for recruiting for their teams—filling the shoes of a recruiter. In this scenario, they will write the job descriptions, post them online, screen and interview candidates, and choose who to hire, without the help of a talent acquisition function. They might also seek out the services of a recruitment agency to help find candidates. In larger corporations, the hiring manager usually works alongside an in-house recruiter to fill the position.

However no matter the size of the organization, the hiring manager plays an integral part in the recruitment process.

They might:

  • Outline the expectations and requirements of the role
  • Work with recruiters to determine whether a candidate meets the requirements for a phone or in-person interview
  • Interview the candidate via phone, Skype, or in person
  • Decide which candidate to hire

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