Recruiting 101: What Is Recruitment?

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What is recruitment?

What is recruitment?

Recruitment means finding and hiring people to fill job openings at an organization. It involves determining the job’s requirements, attracting or sourcing qualified candidates, screening and selecting finalists, and negotiating the terms of employment.

A candidate can be recruited from inside or outside the organization.

Who is responsible for recruitment?

Every organization uses a different recruitment process, and assigns responsibility to different people:

In a very small business, the manager who will oversee a new hire (the hiring manager) is often entirely responsible for filling the job opening. In small to mid-sized organizations, a human resources person might be assigned to assist the hiring manager. In larger organizations with an established recruiting function, this supporting role falls to a recruiter.

Here’s how the responsibilities might break down:

The recruiter guides the recruitment process, publishes job postings, sources candidates, negotiates offers and ensures that organizational, due diligence, regulatory and legal requirements are met.

The hiring manager outlines qualifications specific to the role, assesses if the candidate has the skills and abilities required, determines if they will fit in with their team, and makes the final decision on who is hired.

Other business functions might also be involved in recruitment:

  • Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits, or Finances might have say over the compensation and benefits included in a job offer.
  • Marketing might oversee employer branding and recruitment marketing efforts to promote the organization as a great place to work.
  • The Board of Directors might oversee recruitment and selection of executive-level hires.

Some organizations work with recruitment services vendors or agencies to supplement, or even replace, their in-house recruiting function. Many service options exist, including contingency recruiting, retained search (paying a predefined fee in advance), hourly support and recruitment process outsourcing.

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