8 Employer Brand Instagram Feeds That Are Blowing Us Away

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Need some employer branding Insta-ration (Instagram inspiration)? Look no further—these 8 wide-ranging companies are rocking it on Instagram.

Phone displaying 8 images of phones displaying inspiring employer brand Instagram accounts

So what employers are making magic on Instagram?

These follow-worthy companies sure are:

1 / Asana

@teamasana on Instagram

The feed: @teamasana

Why we love it: Asana uses their Instagram as a way to see the team and the culture of Asana as a whole. There is no other motivation. They share their accomplishments, new teammates and general excitement about the company.

What to steal: The authenticity. What draws people to these photos is the genuine excitement and realness behind these photos. They aren’t taken by a professional photographer—this is someone with an iPhone and some VSCO filters that’s excited to show their workplace to the world.

2 / Spin Master Corp.

@spinmaster on Instagram

The feed: @spinmaster

Why we love it: Toys. No seriously, toys. And because Spin Master is playing to their strengths; they have an actual, tangible product to show off. That, and some well placed employee photos show off the company’s employer brand in a way that really differentiates.

What to steal: Figure out your strengths. Figure out what makes you different and unique—and use that to build your employer brand.

3 / Instacart Shoppers

@instacartshoppers on Instagram

The feed: @instacartshoppers

Why we love it: Because it’s genius. This dual-purposed Instagram brings faces to consumers who use Instacart and simultaneously shows potential employees who their future coworkers might be, and why it’s good to be part of the team.

What to steal: Targeting two diverse audiences on IG is a feat. But if it’s done thoughtfully, it’s definitely worth the double-time brand-building.

4 / Porter Airlines

@porterairlines on Instagram

The feed: @porterairlines

Why we love it: Like Instacart shoppers, this Instagram targets multiple audiences by invoking the #wanderlust in all of us. These professional photos are perfect for showing off what makes Porter great to potential flyers and employees alike.

What to steal: A professional photographer isn’t a must-have, but if you have access to one, make the most of them!

5 / Facebook Life

@facebooklife on Instagram

The feed: @facebooklife

Why we love it: Employee brand ambassadors are the best brand ambassadors. Facebook Life makes the most of their’s by using Repost for Instagram to show the real photos Facebook employees are taking at work.

What to steal: When your employees are advocating for you on their own, step aside and let them take the spotlight!

6 / MailChimp

@mailchimp on Instagram

The feed: @mailchimp

Why we love it: Besides their fun employer brand photos, MailChimp has their own hashtag, #MeetMailChimp. Hashtags are awesome because they let others join in the fun, and become part of your brand. Plus, this hashtag is short and to the point. The way all good hashtags are!

What to steal: #makeahashtag #usethathashtag

7 / Marriott Jobs and Careers

@marriottcareers on Instagram

The feed: @marriottcareers

Why we love it: Marriott Jobs and Careers combines beautiful photos from Marriott properties around the world, company accomplishments, and a celebration of individual employees..

What to steal: It bears repeating —figure out what makes your company, as an employer, unique and attractive, and run with it.

8 / Slack

@slackhq on Instagram

The feed: @slackhq

Why we love it: As one of the most talked about companies right now, Slack uses their Instagram to highlight something that most people don’t know about: their brand shop, which gives all of its profits to charity.

What to steal: Use your Instagram feed to focus on what’s important to you as a company. What is a right-fit candidate, if not someone who cares about what you care about?

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