Recruiting 101: What Is Employer Branding?

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What is employer branding?

What is employer branding?

Employer branding means differentiating and promoting your company as a place to work. This is done by actively managing your company’s employer brand – its reputation as an employer among current, past and potential employees.

For example:

  • Researching the unique rewards and benefits employees get by working for your company: your employee value proposition
  • Drafting template messages or statements for recruiting
  • Producing a marketing campaign
  • Creating and promoting a slogan or tag line
  • Building a career page or career website
  • Responding with interest and empathy to negative Glassdoor reviews
  • Publishing blog posts relevant to your target job candidates
  • Managing a social media presence devoted to the employee experience

A company’s corporate brand influences its employer brand – the two are entwined. Your reputation among consumers or business clients influences your reputation among employees and job candidates.

It is important to note:

Every employer has an employer brand. Not every employer manages their employer brand with employer branding.

Why manage your employer brand?

Employer branding is used to answer the question, “why should I work for this company?” In a competitive talent market, where job candidates own the power to choose the employer they most want to work with, differentiation is the only way to influence their decision.


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