Recruiting 101: What Is On-Demand Recruiting?

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What is on-demand recruiting?

What is on-demand recruiting?

On-demand recruiting is a recruiting service provided on an hourly or project basis. Think of it as “renting” a recruiter to extend your organization’s in-house talent acquisition function.

The service is designed to be very flexible. On-demand recruiters might focus on sourcing to build a candidate pipeline, or they might provide full-cycle recruiting support. They might spend time working on-site at your place of business, or they might work remotely from the service provider’s office.

On-demand recruiting definition

On-demand recruiting vs. contract recruiters

Hiring an on-demand recruiting service is different from hiring contract recruiters because on-demand services can scale up or down. That means you can add or remove recruiters and hours from your project as required. Instead of payrolling every individual contract recruiter, you pay one service invoice covering all your on-demand recruiters.

On-demand recruiting vs. RPO

On-demand recruiting differs from recruitment process outsourcing because it is offered as a supplement to your in-house recruiting function, not as a replacement. It is sometimes referred to as project-based RPO, or hourly recruiting.

Why use an on-demand recruiting service?

On-demand recruiting’s flexibility and scalability benefit startups and established companies experiencing:

  • Fast growth
  • Unpredictable hiring
  • A highly competitive talent market

You might use it to:

  • Fill one role
  • Secure help during a hiring spree
  • Keep a search confidential
  • Get sourcing support
  • Build candidate pipelines
  • Work with full-cycle recruiters before you build an in-house talent function
  • Support your in-house talent team on an ongoing basis

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