Recruiting 101: What Is Social Recruiting?

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What is social recruiting?

What is social recruiting?

Social recruiting means finding, communicating with, or advertising to job candidates using social media.

For example:

  • Identifying a potential candidate using LinkedIn
  • Sending a potential candidate a message on Facebook
  • Tweeting a link to a job posting, along with popular and relevant hashtags
  • Posting a photo of your employees to Instagram with a caption inviting others to join the team
  • Sharing your company’s culture video on YouTube

Social recruiting is closely tied to employer branding and sourcing.

Definition of social recruiting

Why use social recruiting?

Simple. If you want to get people’s attention, you’ve got to be where they put it. And where do people spend their time? Online. And where do they spend their time when they’re online? Just check the highest-ranked websites on Alexa’s list of the top sites on the web. Or this summary of ten years’ worth of Pew Research Center data.

The answer, of course, is social media.

More convincing numbers:

But social recruiting is not just about finding your audience. Sharing content and connecting with users on social media is, by default, free to do. It bears repeating: most social recruiting tactics cost nothing except time.

Advertising tools are also available on most social media channels. These include sponsored posts on Facebook, promoted tweets on Twitter, and job posts on LinkedIn. Though these cost money to use, they allow for precise targeting to a very specific audience of people.

Can hiring managers use social recruiting to recruit new team members?

Yes. Though social recruiting is typically practiced by professional recruiters, it can be effective for anyone looking to fill a role.

It might even be easier for managers:

“It can be easier for hiring managers to reach out to candidates over social media, because they know the right buzzwords and lingo. Talent is also more likely to engage with someone from their field or industry, versus a recruiter.”

Angela Bortolussi, Recruiting Manager, Recruiting Social

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