Recruiting 101: What Is A Recruiter?

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What is a recruiter?

What is a recruiter?

Recruiters find and screen people to fill job openings.

Working together with the hiring manager, they determine the job’s requirements, attract or source qualified candidates, screen and select finalists, and negotiate the terms of employment.

What is the difference between an internal and an external recruiter?

An internal recruiter (also called in-house recruiter, or corporate recruiter) works full-time for one employer, hiring only for roles within the organization. Recruiting may be their entire job function or only part of it, depending on the size of the organization its hiring needs.

An external recruiter works through a recruitment agency (as an agency recruiter) or on an individual contract (as a contract recruiter). They often work on roles for multiple different organizations at once, by providing contingency search, on-demand recruiting, retained search, or recruitment process outsourcing services.

Why do companies hire recruiters?

“Nowadays, great candidates are becoming increasingly harder to find. Therefore, hiring managers may not have the resources, tools, nor time to put into the due diligence of finding great talent. Recruiters can scope the interest of the candidate, talk candidly and elicit open communication, ideally identifying if the needs align, for the long term. As you can see, this can take time, something our working world doesn’t seem to have enough of. Recruiters help give back that time to employers!”

Danielle Marchant, Recruiting Manager, Recruiting Social

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