Recruiting 101: What Is A Screening Interview?

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What is a screening interview?

What is a screening interview?

A screening interview is a phone call or in-person meeting organized by a recruiter to evaluate a job candidate’s qualifications. It is typically the first interview in the hiring process.

During a screening interview, the recruiter might:

  1. Provide a brief description of the company and the open role
  2. Ask questions to determine if the candidate meets the requirements outlined in the job description
  3. Ask questions to establish if the opening matches what the candidate is looking for in a job
  4. Ask the candidate if they are still interested in pursuing the role
  5. Answer the candidate’s questions about the role, company, and hiring process

After the screening interview, the recruiter shares the candidate’s qualifications with the hiring manager. Based on the recruiter’s recommendations, the hiring manager decides if the candidate should move forward to the next stage in the interview process. The recruiter then either contacts selected candidates to schedule the next interview or – if they are following candidate experience best practices – inform declined candidates that they are not moving forward.

What questions are asked during a screening interview?

Common questions the recruiter asks the candidate include:

  1. What are you looking for in a job?
  2. What attracts you to this organization?
  3. What management style suits you best?
  4. What type of company culture do you thrive in?
  5. What range of compensation are you looking for?
  6. Can you commute, or relocate if necessary?
  7. Would you need assistance arranging a work permit or visa?
  8. If selected for the role, when would you be able to start working?

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