Recruiting 101: What Is An Employee Value Proposition?

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What is an employee value proposition?

What is an employee value proposition?

An employee value proposition (EVP) summarizes the unique reasons people choose to work for an employer. It provides key themes for an organization’s recruitment and employee retention efforts.

It might refer to:

  • Compensation and benefits programs
  • Training, learning, and development
  • Unique rewards and offerings
  • Workplace and lifestyle
  • Values, community, and company culture

An EVP typically takes the form of several short statements, each describing a key point of value the employer offers its employees. However, these statements are not meant as external messaging. They provide the foundation and focus for internal communications, employer branding, job interview questions, new-hire onboarding, employee engagement surveys and retention programs.

How is an employee value proposition developed?

An EVP is not aspirational; it must be true to the existing employee experience. Therefore, it requires considerable research and is more of a discovery process than a creative one.

A typical EVP development process might include:

  1. Surveying employees on what they like and don’t like about working for the organization
  2. Organizing employee focus groups to discuss the ins and outs of working at the organization
  3. Researching competitors to understand the marketplace and what makes other employers unique
  4. Analyzing the research data for insights and consistent trends
  5. Identifying and summarizing the top reasons employees choose to work at the organization
  6. Presenting a draft EVP to senior leaders, incorporating their feedback and gaining their approval
  7. Launching the EVP internally, to gain employee buy-in
  8. Launching the EVP externally, with messaging targeted at job candidates

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