3 Employer Brands Acing Snapchat

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Angela Bortolussi shares tips, tricks, ideas and examples on how to use your Snapchat Story to land qualified job candidates.

3 employer brands acing Snapchat

Is your company on Snapchat?

Snapchat, as well as other live video content, seems to be the new fad with companies and brands.

Why is this? Because pushing out live content, like Snapchat Stories, emulates a ‘face-to-face’ conversation with any targeted audience of your choice. And audiences are eating that up. According to Snapchat, 8+ billion videos are watched on the platform every day, with 86% of users being 34 or younger. That’s a lot of people.

But how does that translate to recruiting?

It’s a way for companies and brands to have a dedicated platform to not only connect with people in general but also a place where they can share exclusive content that attracts candidates and consumers alike.

Through the Stories feature, which are compilations of Snaps that create a narrative story that live for 24-hours and can be viewed, again and again, your company can connect with soon-to-be candidates through interesting, targeted content.

Need some inspiration? Check out these companies.

General Electric Snapchat screenshot

GE (General Electric)

Username: generalelectric

GE is consistent with their snapping and uses creative editing skills and custom Geofilters for specific events. It’s clear from their story that they understand Snapchat, and how to use it to engage with their audience.

Here is an example:

Last week I was able to participate in GE’s live broadcast with California State University students and their Eco apps challenge built on Predix for #CampusMeetsCloud Pitch Day.

I felt a genuine interest watching their story—I was excited for each team of college engineers and computer science students to take part in the event, and how GE in general celebrated the success of these students.

Takeaway: Use Snapchat Geofilters to show off real events, and give them hashtags so that people can connect with your team on other social platforms as well. Just because your story starts on Snapchat, doesn’t mean it has to stay on Snapchat.

MailChimp snapchat screenshots


Username: MailChimp

They use their employees to show what life at the company looks like. The audience gets to meet them and learn about them, and their experience with the company and the careers they’ve chosen. They get to learn about both the company culture, and the individual employees in a real way.

For example:

The team at MailChimp participated in the Inman Park Festival Parade, showing team spirit at it’s finest [no editing, just raw, live, footage].

Takeaway: Simply put, your in-house brand ambassadors [i.e. employees] are a great a tool to use when recruiting new talent, so why not ‘Snap’ about it? Just remember, it’s a good thing to ask employees first if they’d like to be ‘Snap’d’ before you start snapping away.

Goldman Sachs Snapchat ads

Goldman Sachs

Instead of using Snapchat as a way to showcase company culture and specific events, Goldman Sachs uses the platform in a very targeted way: to recruit millennials.

Here’s an example:

The company not too long ago rolled out a series of ads on Snapchat’s Campus Stories function, gaining access to college campuses nationwide, promoting both Goldman and a career in banking.

Takeaway: Use data to figure out where your recruiting efforts can best be used on Snapchat. Is it through recruitment marketing, such as showcasing employer brands, or through a more targeted series of ads designed for a specific segment of your audience? Knowing this will help you engage with more people on Snapchat.

The best part about Snapchat? It’s constantly evolving and changing, so companies need to evolve and be creative if they want to keep their users interested.

If your company is looking for a creative way to attract talent, it’s worth checking out.

Happy Snapping!

Recruiter and HR Specialist Angela Bortolussi

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