Recruitmojis: Free Recruiting-Themed Emojis for Slack

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From Purple Squirrel to Wizard Hat, your recruiting team will love using Recruitmojis in Slack and HipChat! Download them now, free.

Twenty-eight Recruitmojis: recruiting-themed emojis created by Recruiting Social.
Recruitmojis are recruitment-themed emojis.

Emojis are ubiquitous because they are awesome. The silly little pictographs convey emotion, provide context, summarize complex ideas, and give color to the way we communicate through text. But the current standard set leaves something to be desired for talent acquisition teams that interact using workplace communication platforms like Slack and HipChat.

That’s why we’d like to you to meet Recruitmojis: 28 emojis designed by and for people who recruit. From Visitor Badge to Purple Squirrel, and Wizard Hat to Takeout Coffee, these little guys will help you and your team talk recruiting the way you want to. Both Slack and HipChat support custom emojis, so go ahead, download the full set of Recruitmojis now (they’re 100 percent free, by the way) and follow the instructions below to install them.

Just a little gift to you from all of us at Recruiting Social:

The Recruitmojis Set

  • :desk_chair: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:desk_chair:
  • :job_opening: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:opening:
  • :job_posting: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:job_posting:
  • :sourcing: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:sourcing:
  • :candidate_profile: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:candidate_profile:
  • :resume: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:resume:
  • :conference_badge: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:conference_badge:
  • :visitor_badge: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:visitor_badge:
  • :interview: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:interview:
  • :question_answer: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:question_answer:
  • :phone_call: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:phone_call:
  • :phone_screen: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:phone_screen:
  • :maybe_candidate: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:maybe_candidate:
  • :no_candidate: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:no_candidate:
  • :yes_candidate: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:yes_candidate:
  • :offer: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:offer:
  • :declined_offer: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:declined_offer:
  • :accepted_offer: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:accepted_offer:
  • :funnel: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:funnel:
  • :pipeline: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:pipeline:
  • :education: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:education:
  • :skills: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:skills:
  • :welcome_mat: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:welcome_mat:
  • :gong: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:gong:
  • :magic_wand: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:magic_wand:
  • :wizard_hat: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:wizard_hat:
  • :takeout_coffee: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:takeout_coffee:
  • :purple_squirrel: Recruitmoji (recruiting-themed emoji) for Slack:purple_squirrel:


Download Recruitmojis [422 KB .zip file]

How to Install

Slack’s Help Center provides step-by-step instructions for creating custom emojis in your team’s account. You’ll find the link in the readme documentation included with your Recruitmojis download.

HipChat’s documentation provides simple directions for “creating custom emoticons.” You’ll find the link in the readme documentation that comes with your Recruitmojis download.

Closeup of phone displaying Slack conversation that uses “Recruitmojis,” recruiting-themed emojis.


Like the Recruitmojis? Recruiting Social is totally thrilled to have designed them for your team and provided them to you totally free. Definitely subscribe to our weekly newsletter – it’s full of other good stuff. You won’t be disappointed.

Christian De Pape, Recruiting Social’s Head of Marketing and Content
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