Recruiting Social Just Donated $1,200 to TransCanWork

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The donation, part of our 10% Giving Commitment, will support TransCanWork’s mission to promote and create transgender-positive workplaces.

Recruiting Social’s Christian De Pape, Angela Bortolussi, and Chad MacRae attend a fundraiser in support of TransCanWork

Recruiting Social team members (left to right) Christian De Pape, Angela Bortolussi, and Chad MacRae attend TransCanWork’s “Jazz Brunch.”

Los Angeles, CA – October 22, 2017: Recruiting services company Recruiting Social made a $1,200 donation to L.A.-based nonprofit TransCanWork at the nonprofit’s “Jazz Brunch” event. The funds will help support the organization’s efforts to create more trans-inclusive workplaces and boost employment prospects for members of the transgender community.

Recruiting Social is a recruiting services company based in Los Angeles, Toronto, and Vancouver. The company recruits job candidates for fast-growing companies across North America, and pledges 10% of profits to education charities. Learn more at

TransCanWork is an organization providing resources for trans and gender-nonconforming jobseekers, as well as the training and certification of employers that hire them. It’s mission is to promote California as a “truly transgender positive workplace” and create a model for the remainder of the United States. Learn more at