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On-Demand Recruiting for Blast Radius & Designkitchen

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  • Founded: 1997 (Blast Radius), 1992 (Designkitchen)
  • Client Since: 2014
  • Industry: Digital Marketing
  • Offices: Amsterdam, Chicago, London, Munich, New York, San Francisco, Singapore, Toronto, Vancouver

Blast Radius is a global digital agency: Strategically led, creatively driven, technically enabled. They help global brands create meaningful connections through rich content and compelling narrative to tell stories that people love and share.

Designkitchen is a creatively-driven digital agency focused on brand activation, mobile, and social initiatives. The company works with Fortune 500 companies and brands including HP and Wells Fargo.

The Blast Radius logo displayed on a screen in the global digital agency’s offices.

At A Glance

The Challenge

When a digital agency wins business, the project needs to be staffed with creative, strategy, and technical talent in full-time, contract, and freelance roles – ASAP.

When a digital agency wins business, the talent team overseeing six North American offices needs dedicated recruiting support to help staff those roles – ASAP.

And when an award-winning digital agency wins business from top global brands, the talent team needs dedicated recruiting support capable of staffing those roles with the best people out there – ASAP.

Our Solution

Flexible on-demand recruiting services, scaled up and down based on need. Support levels varied from:

  • 10 to 60 hours per week
  • Remote to on-site
  • 1 to 4 recruiters

“Once Recruiting Social started working with our team, we noticed an immediate response. Hiring managers felt more comfortable. We were getting better candidates. It’s worked out fabulously.”

Debbie Ten Eyck, Director of Human Resources North America, Blast Radius

Key Successes

Supported the agencies’ talent team for North America

Filled roles in Chicago, San Francisco, Vancouver, and Portland

Found qualified candidates who could start within tight timeframes – in less than 2 weeks, right down to 2 days

Recruited for 73 roles over 2 years

Consistently recruited high-quality performers, prompting feedback like: “Wow, what a great find!” and “You guys are fabulous”

“For digital agencies, project requirements shift and change constantly. That means staffing requirements change too. By building pipelines of talented people, maintaining regular contact with great candidates, and keeping our eyes and ears out in the marketplace, we were able to adapt and keep up with all the change.”

Angela Bortolussi, project recruiter for Blast Radius, Recruiting Social

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