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On-Demand Recruiting for Cocos Pure

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  • Founded: 2011
  • Client Since: 2016
  • Industry: Natural Beverages
  • Headquarters: Vancouver, BC
  • Distribution: United States, Canada, South Africa
  • Website:

Cocos Pure packages and distributes natural beverages made with 100% pure coconut water. Since its founding in 2011, the company has experienced fast growth. Products are available online and across Canada, the U.S., and South Africa. Both the product line and international distribution are expanding.

Cocos Pure: Power Your Passion

At A Glance

The Challenge

Cocos Pure’s financial controller was leaving. When you’re a startup of fewer than ten people, a tight-knit “family” working towards new products and new markets, every team member’s contribution is critical. The key accounting role needed to be filled, ASAP.

Our Solution

On-demand recruiting services, providing a recruiter dedicated exclusively to filling the role.

“The recruiter was always accessible, took the time to really understand our company’s culture, core ideologies, and needs. Recruiting Social provided a thorough accounting report of the hours spent on hiring the role, such that a trust was felt in the handling of our process.”

Tiffin Clark, CEO of Cocos Pure

Key Successes

Sourced the hire from existing network of candidates

Not only qualified, the hire already knew and loved the product

Job offer made 10 days after reaching out

Kept the candidate interested while she was away on a long-planned vacation, and closed the role immediately on her return

“We’d approached the candidate about a different opportunity, months before. That existing connection meant we’d already established trust, knew she was qualified, and recognized that her interests and passions matched right up with the company. ”

Danielle Marchant, Cocos Pure project lead, Recruiting Social

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