Recruiting 101

Recruiting 101: What Is Full Cycle Recruiting? |

What is full cycle recruiting? Full cycle recruiting refers to the entire recruiting process. The term is often used to describe a recruiter or HR person who can complete every step: a full cycle recruiter.... Keep Reading

Recruiting 101: What Is A Job Description? |

What is a job description? A job description lists the functions and duties of a position inside an organization.... Keep Reading

Recruiting 101: What Is Recruitment? |

What is recruitment? Recruitment means finding and hiring people to fill job openings at an organization. It involves determining the job’s requirements, attracting or sourcing qualified candidates, screening and selecting finalists, and negotiating the terms of employment.... Keep Reading

Recruiting 101: What Is Employee Retention? |

What is employee retention? Employee retention is an organization’s rate of retaining its employees over a set period of time. It is a simple statistic. For example, a company’s retention rate could be 80% per year, meaning 80% of its employees stayed at the company for at least a year. Employee... Keep Reading

Recruiting 101: What Is A Hiring Manager? |

What is a hiring manager? A hiring manager is the employee who requests that an open position be filled. They are the individual the new employee will report, as well as the decision maker with final say on which candidate will be hired. A hiring manager can come from any level within the organizati... Keep Reading

Recruiting 101: How Do Recruitment Agencies Work? |

How do recruitment agencies work? Employers hire recruitment agencies to find job candidates. Agency recruiters do this by researching the open roles, identifying qualified people, screening the candidates, and providing support to the employer during selection of the new hire.... Keep Reading