A recruiting company that puts people first.

Hi. We’re Recruiting Social, a recruiting services company.

We’re here to connect you with people who love what they do, believe in your company’s vision, and belong on your team.

Our mission is to make recruiting about people.

Recruiting Social team member smiles as she talks with a colleague in a coffee shop

About Recruiting Social

Founded in 2012 by Chad MacRae.

Offices in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Approximately 10 team members.

Serving companies across the U.S. and Canada, in industries including technology, gaming, startups, digital agencies, and more.

“Recruiting Social is about bringing the human element back to recruitment. It’s about making it less transactional, and more about finding the right match between employer and employee. That’s what the ‘social’ in our name really means.”

Chad MacRae, Founder

Recruiting Social founder Chad MacRae works at a conference room table inside an office in West Hollywood, California

What we do

Our services adapt to your company’s recruiting needs. But no matter how we support you, we promise to put your people – you, your team, and the talent we approach on your behalf – first.


On-demand is flexible, hourly support for your talent team. Find out how it works and explore the sourcing, recruiting, and senior recruiting service options.


Our contingency searches focus on fewer, higher-quality candidates – so you aren’t inundated with unexceptional resumes. See more about contingency.

“This is an agency that is one step ahead of the game.”

Nina Rizzi, VP of People, 6S Marketing

Sydney, Recruiting Social recruiter, works with a dog on her lap at the company’s Los Angeles, California office.,

How we do it

Any recruiter can match resumes to requirements. But finding someone who will thrive in the role – someone who will excel at the tasks, work well with the manager, add to the team dynamic, and contribute to the company culture – that’s trickier. This is how we do it:

Deep Discovery

Understanding must-haves, nice-to-haves, company culture, team dynamic, and what it takes to thrive in the role.

Social Sourcing

Scouring our networks, databases, social media and the web for qualified people who match the right profile.

Candidate Experience

Reaching out to potential candidates, starting a conversation, telling your story, listening with care, and communicating openly.

“Once Recruiting Social started working with our team, we noticed an immediate response. Hiring managers felt more comfortable. We were getting better candidates. It’s worked out fabulously.”

Debbie Ten Eyck, Director of HR for North America, Blast Radius (a WPP company)

Key numbers


Percentage of our hires that come from job boards


Talented people we’ve connected with since 2012


Positions we’ve filled with great people since 2012


Rank on LinkedIn’s 2017 Most Socially Engaged Staffing Agencies list

Our 7 values

1. People First

Not talent, personnel, human resources, human capital, applicants, resumes, candidates, sends, placements, hires, managers, clients, or customers. We work with people. We recruit people.

Recruiting Social team members smiling
Recruiting Social-branded card that reads: “Recruiting is about offering people a home where they can grow and thrive.”

Recruiting Social team member working on her laptop on a ferry ride

2. Be Social

We seek connections, start conversations, build relationships, and participate in our community.

Recruiting Social team members collaboratively working on their computers

3. Learn & Grow

There is no end to knowledge. We want more, and we chase it.

Recruiting Social team members enjoying the sunshine in Los Angeles

4. Persevere

We don’t stop pushing. Nothing worth doing is easy.

Recruiting Social team member smiles at work on her laptop

5. Innovate

We look in different places, ask other questions, try new things. Nothing is ever “good enough”. We lead the way forward.

Bird's eye view of table with a laptop featuring a Recruiting Social sticker

6. Transparency

Information and experiences, successes and failures, good news and bad news – we share openly. It makes us all stronger.

Recruiting Social team members in Gastown, Vancouver
Recruiting Social team member at work in front of wall art that reads “Respect the hustle”

Recruiting Social team members present a donation to an education nonprofit in Toronto, Canada

7. Give Back

We share our successes by giving back. To our teammates, to our industry, to the community around us – to people who can use the help.

Closeup of Recruiting Social team member wearing the distinctive “RS” logo pin