11 Email Templates You Need When Hiring

From reaching out, to declining candidates, to making job offers:

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Hiring isn’t easy.

Recruiting, assessing, and securing great people takes time, effort, care – and a whole lot of emails.

Love it or hate it (mostly hate it), email is how you most often communicate with candidates. Every message you send serves an important purpose. Every message you send also competes for attention in a noisy, jam-packed inbox.

Needless to say, email writing is high-stakes.

So we’d like to help you out.

Within the pages of this free resource, you’ll find eleven of the Recruiting Social team’s favorite – carefully-written, battlefield-tested – email templates. Covering each step of the hiring process, they will help you hit “send” faster, receive better and more replies, and keep the process moving forward.

Check it out:

Sample recruiting email templates

11 Email Templates You Need When Hiring

Save time and trouble as you 
recruit, assess, and secure 
new team members

Templates you get:

  1. Application received
  2. Declining an applicant
  3. Reaching out: To the point
  4. Reaching out: The detailed pitch
  5. Reaching out: Asking for a “referral”
  6. After no response
  7. Scheduling an interview
  8. Providing interview details
  9. Making a job offer
  10. Declining an interviewed candidate
  11. Keeping a declined candidate warm

Each email template is paired with notes explaining how structure, formatting, and word choices contribute to the message’s effectiveness.

Sound good? Awesome.

Get the emails, share them with your talent team, and pass them over to hiring managers. These templates won’t just save you from writing your recruitment emails from scratch; they will help you become the even-better-than-you-are-now employer you want to be.

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