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Talent acquisition in technology? Competition for qualified people is fierce. Matching candidates to roles, managers, and your culture is complex. Priorities are always changing.

Sometimes, to make it work, your talent team needs a hand. With Recruiting Social’s flexible, hourly support, you’re always equipped to meet the challenge.

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Skilled people finding you skilled people

Industry Experience

From developers to data scientists. From product managers to people specialists, too. Our tech recruiters understand how to recruit both technical and non-technical talent with industry experience.

Skilled Sourcing

Most name generation only scratches the surface. Most reach-outs get ignored. Our recruiters receive training in advanced sourcing techniques, the latest recruiting tools, and persuasive communication skills.

Scalable Service

Fill one role. Fill twenty roles. With our on-demand recruiting and sourcing support, you can scale your service to match your changing hiring needs.

Giving Back 10%

By partnering with us, you help deserving young people hone their skills and launch their careers. Recruiting Social donates 10% of profits to education grants for marginalized youth.

“After several interviews, I was officially an OpenX employee. And out of all of the people involved, I have to thank Chad from Recruiting Social the most. He found me, he made me feel wanted, he kept the conversations moving, and ultimately he was able to lure me over to OpenX when I wasn’t actively looking for a job.”

James Wilhite, Senior Solutions Architect, OpenX

Flexible, hourly services that match your needs


Name generation, initial reach out & introduction.

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Manage the process from job requisition to offer.

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Senior Recruiting

Recruit senior roles, guide process & strategy.

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