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Recruiting Social is a recruiting services company.

We’ll help you find and attract the talented people you need to grow (right from our office in Culver City).

Our services

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You plan your day around traffic. So do we.

Local Expertise

Los Angeles is your home, and ours too. From calculating commute times to navigating work permit questions – we understand how to recruit for here.

International Experience

With experience recruiting in competitive North American and international markets – from Montréal to Dubai – we bring new ideas and razor-sharp skills to how you attract talent.

Focused only on you.

Dedicated Recruiters

Most agency recruiters split their focus on different clients. We dedicate a team to you and your roles. Our recruiters actually understand – and care about – your specific hiring needs.

Your office, or ours?

On-Site Recruiters

The best way to understand your company and its culture? Experience it in person. Why not partner with recruiters who will work from your L.A. office? We will, as part of our flexible on-demand recruiting services.

Giving back 10%, locally.

Fulfillment Fund Partnership

By working with Recruiting Social, you help deserving young Angelenos hone their skills and launch their careers. How? We donate 10% of our U.S. profits to education nonprofit Fulfillment Fund.

Our Services

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On-Demand Recruiting

It’s like renting a top-notch recruiter to find the people you (actually) want.

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Contingency Recruiting

It’s a low-risk way to find incredible candidates – and you only pay if you hire.

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We’d love to discuss your hiring needs and challenges over coffee. Or better yet, a taco. On us – we insist.

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