Recruiting as a flexible monthly service.

Support your team with an expert recruiter

On-demand recruiting is a flexible, monthly subscription service.

Get help with candidate sourcing, interviews, and offers without adding headcount, hiring contractors, or dealing with recruitment agencies.

Monthly Pricing

Headhunting fees add up fast.

On-demand makes your budget go further with set monthly pricing. You’re not buying candidates, you’re supporting your team.

Press Pause

One month you’re filling a gazillion roles, the next you’re filling none.

No problem: Turn on-demand off when you need to. Switch it back on when hiring ramps up.

Adjust Anytime

One recruiter or two recruiters. Part-time or full-time.

With on-demand, you can scale your service up or down to match your exact need.

Choose the service you need


Name generation, screening & introduction.

For when

“We don’t have time to do sourcing.”
“We’re not finding the right candidates.”

  1. ✓ Name generation
  2. ✓ Reach out
  3. ✓ Initial screening
  4. ✓ Intro to you

✓ Part-time or ✓ full-time sourcer


Guide the recruiting process from job req to offer.

For when

“We’re juggling too many openings.”
“We don’t have the expertise to fill this role.”

  1. ✓ Name generation
  2. ✓ Reach out
  3. ✓ Initial screening
  4. ✓ Interview support
  5. ✓ Offers

✓ Part-time or ✓ full-time recruiter

How much does it cost? Request pricing.

Expert recruiters, ready to go

Trained & Equipped

Your on-demand recruiter is AIRS certified and trained in Boolean search techniques. They’re also equipped with top tools like LinkedIn Recruiter, SocialTalent, and Hiretual.

Weekly Reporting

How’s your on-demand team member doing? You always know. Weekly reports track productivity and candidate-quality metrics

“The team at Recruiting Social was able to identify candidates quickly, while ensuring a level of quality that was of the utmost importance – tough to maintain, given the speed at which we were recruiting.”

Hearts & Science

Specialized support


Recruit experienced engineering, product, marketing, corporate, and leadership talent.


From developers to data scientists, engineers to architects, ML to QA, and more.

Digital Agencies

Staff up with media planners, programmatic specialists, designers, copywriters, and more.


Find skilled animators, character artists, environment artists, VFX artists, and more.

See how it works

OpenX logo magnets

Robust tech recruiting (65 senior hires) for robust growth.

Read the story

Lululemon Athletica

Growing the global retailer’s e-commerce team with 18 offers.

Read the story

Activision logo

Building a pipeline of exceptional creatives (7 offers and counting).

Read the story

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✓ Support your talent team
✓ Expert recruiters
✓ 10% to charity
✓ Easy to cancel
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“Once Recruiting Social started working with our team, we noticed an immediate response. Hiring managers felt more comfortable. We were getting better candidates. It’s worked out fabulously.”

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Common questions

How is this different from hiring a contract recruiter?

Like a contract recruiter, your on-demand recruiter is dedicated to your roles and represents your company when speaking with candidates.

Unlike a contract recruiter, your on-demand recruiter does not need to be payrolled (you get a simple monthly invoice) and you can adjust your service at any time (part-time or full-time; 1 recruiter or more).

How much does it cost?

Your monthly price depends on the type (sourcing or recruiting?) and volume (part-time or full-time?) of service.

Our clients typically find substantial savings compared to agency placement fees. To figure out how much on-demand recruiting could save you, reach out to us for pricing.

Do you guarantee hires?

Your internal recruiters can’t guarantee hires will work out. We can’t either. But when we start working on a role, we’ll work with you to set candidate-submission targets – and we’ll stick to them. You’ll also get to keep (and keep hiring from) the candidate pipeline we build for you.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

Nope. Your on-demand recruiting services run month to month. You can even try it for a month. To cancel next month’s services, just give us 2 weeks notice.

Got more questions? Email or call 1.800.953.5339.