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If you can write a cold email, then you can write a blog post. Here are reasons why content marketing matters in recruitment. You’ve personalized your emails, revamped your job descriptions to be candidate-focused and retweeted a bunch of great links. Yet sometimes it feels like you could still at... Keep Reading

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What is an employee value proposition? An employee value proposition (EVP) summarizes the unique reasons people choose to work for an employer. It provides key themes for an organization’s recruitment and employee retention efforts.... Keep Reading

Recruiting 101: What Is Employer Branding? |

What is employer branding? Employer branding means differentiating and promoting your company as a place to work.... Keep Reading

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Recruiting 101: What Is Employee Retention? |

What is employee retention? Employee retention is an organization’s rate of retaining its employees over a set period of time. It is a simple statistic. For example, a company’s retention rate could be 80% per year, meaning 80% of its employees stayed at the company for at least a year. Employee... Keep Reading

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Angela Bortolussi reveals 10 tips to help you snap top-notch employer brand photos to share on social media.... Keep Reading